Legislative Action



2014 Legislative Action


•  Supported Marketplace Fairness Act

•  Supported Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Energy Exploration



•  Opposed SB 79

•  Opposed SB 629

•  Supported HB 490

•  Supported HB 1019

•  Support of Delgado Act 360 Campus Locations

•  Support of Energy Exploration and Production as per Request by the Northshore Business Council


Parish & Regional

•  Supported Adoption of St. Bernard Parish Master Plan

•  Supported maintaining SEC Current Definitions of Angel Investors

•  Supported I-10 East/West Fly over Ramp to new MSY Terminal

•  Supported Initiatives to Secure International Flights with British Airways

•  Supported the Save Louisiana Coalition

•  Support of Tiger Grant Funding for St. Bernard Port

•  Support of B & I Application for SBPH

•  Support of B & I Application for Economic Dev Project

•  Support of New Market Tax Credit Application for Economic Dev Project

•  Support of SLFPAE Interim Emergency Board Funding Request